Terms & Conditions

Part 1-Repairs General

  1. Whilst some manufacturers do not require Proof of Purchase to perform warranty repairs, many do. K2 will always ask for a copy of the Proof of Purchase as it greatly aids with processing the repair.
    1. If the manufacturer of the luggage requires Proof of Purchase to perform a warranty repair and it is not available, the repair will be declined as a warranty repair;
    2. A repair that is declined as a warranty repair may still be completed as a paid repair;
  2. Any estimate given before physically assessing your luggage is for guidance only;
    1. Quotations will only be given when the luggage has been fully assessed by one of our Technicians;
  3. The ‘Scope of Repair’ is defined as the instruction passed to K2 by the owner;
    1. Work outside of the scope of repair will not be quoted for, nor undertaken;
    2. If the scope of repair is not explicit, a quotation can’t be provided;
  4. If the manufacturer is not supported by K2 the repair may be declined;
  5. Only genuine manufacturer parts will be used for repairs. Where parts are not available, the repair may be declined;
  6. Due to subtle changes in design and construction of luggage that may appear superficially identical, it is not possible to confirm the stock holding of parts prior to the luggage being inspected. K2 can’t confirm stock holding or availability and any information would be for guidance only.

Part 2-Luggage in Transit

  1. If the owner of the luggage arranges their own courier, the contract is between the owner and the courier. Any subsequent claim for loss or damage must be made by the owner against the courier;
    1. K2 will not intercede with a third party claim other than to confirm whether luggage has been received;
  2. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they adhere to the courier’s terms and conditions of carriage. Failure to meet these terms and conditions may result in a limitation or negation of liability on the part of the courier and/or K2;
    1. Adherence to the couriers terms and conditions includes packaging the item in accordance with their requirements.  These requirements can be found on the couriers website, but as an indication the item must be packaged in a way to prevent damage to the item or to the couriers equipment.  It must also be packaged to prevent injury to those carrying the item;
    2. As with airport baggage logistical systems, couriers use belt sortation systems that may cause damage to an unprotected item, therefore it is strongly suggested that your bag is protected before handing it over to a courier.  Claims for subsequent damage may not be upheld if you bag is not sufficiently packaged; 
  3. K2 accepts no liability for loss or damage to luggage in transit with a courier;
    1. Where we have arranged transport with our contracted courier, K2 will raise a claim against the courier in accordance with the terms and conditions of carriage on behalf of the owner;
  4. Collection and/or delivery times and/or dates are offered as guidance but are not guaranteed. K2 accepts no liability for deliveries and/or collections that fall outside the estimated parameters offered by any party.

Part 3-Repair Quality Assurance

  1. As stated, K2 only uses genuine manufacturer parts;
  2. Our Technicians receive extensive training, with some directly from the manufacturer and they are all subject matter experts in relation to repair processes;
  3. Whilst we will take the utmost care of your luggage whilst in our possession, it’s possible that superficial scratches or marks may happen during handling. These are considered as cosmetic and ‘wear and tear’ and are mostly unavoidable. K2 accepts no liability for cosmetic damage or wear and tear;
    1. If damage occurs to your luggage whilst in our care that affects the function of the luggage, K2 will return the luggage to a fully functional state;
  4. K2 performs a ‘positive release’ Quality Control process – in other words we check every repair before it leaves our premises. That being said, if there are aspects of the agreed repair that have not been completed please do let us know and we’ll do our utmost to rectify the situation;
  5. When luggage is repaired, it is generally not returned to a ‘new’ condition. For example, when stitching a new zip it’s not always possible to follow the original lines of stitching. We will return a fully functional item, but it may be aesthetically altered to achieve the repair;
    1. If the above is not acceptable it is suggested that you contact the manufacturer directly or via your store of purchase;
  6. Not all luggage, and not all damage, is repairable. Where a repair cannot be performed to the correct standard you will be contacted and advised. The luggage will be returnedinanunrepaired state, unless the damage and luggage is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty;
    1. If a solution is available under the terms of the warranty K2 will advise you and assist where possible in realising that solution.

Part 4-Repair Time Scales

  1. Any time scales given for repairs are estimates given in good faith, but are sometimes undermined by operational difficulties (e.g. the repair may not go as it should), supplier failures (e.g. courier issues, parts deliveries) or other issues outside of our control. Any of these may extend the time needed to perform the repair to your luggage;
    1. It may be that there is a six to eight week lead time for some parts, especially those sourced from overseas. Please be sure to take this into account when booking a repair. If you are taking a trip within that time frame please ensure you have alternative luggage to use;
  2. The return of repaired or unrepaired items will be arranged with you at the appropriate time. K2 uses a reputable courier service, and therefore the delivery schedule is defined by their terms and conditions.
    1. If you wish to use your own courier service, or collect the item from us directly, please let us know.