Welcome to Fixmybag.com

The trading name of K2 Global Limited who are the authorised repair centre for most major luggage brands. You can book a collection to have your bag assessed for repair, follow a repair you've already sent to us or check the terms of the warranty for the manufacturer of your bag.

PLEASE NOTE - we have now swapped our logistics partners from DHL to DPD ! 

SAMSONITE REPAIRS UPDATE 25-07-2023 - Samsonite repairs are currently operating with an average turnaround time of 2-5 weeks, subject to parts availability.

LOGISTICS UPDATE July 2023 - Fixmybag collections will remain within DHL control for the time being, however, K2 have now switched non Fixmybag movements and deliveries from the workshop to DPD. 

GENERAL TIMESCALES May 2023 - Please note the repair facility is running behind by approximately 8-10 days however we are still looking to maintain a turnaround time of 28 days for the majority of the repairs, subject to parts availability. 

LIMITS OF LIABILITY - June 2023 - Please note, our limits of liability for collections and deliveries are capped at a MAXIMUM value of £120 only which is covered in our Terms and Conditions. By booking a collection, you are agreeing to these limits of liability. If this is not the case, DO NOT book a collection, but arrange your own transportation to the repair centre.

MULTIPLE ITEMS - July 2023 - Always remember, every Fixmybag job is for ONE ITEM, if you have multiple items to send in you need one job per item, please don't just book one then send them all, we can only track PER ITEM, Liability is just for a single item too !